New Year Resolutions
January 5, 2023
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January 17, 2023


The name Terminator can conjure up so many thoughts in one’s mind. For some from the millennial generation or the ones before that it vividly recalls one of the successful movies by the same name and the character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The sci-fi movie has the villainous protagonist play the role of one out to annihilate the heroine’s baby who was perceived to be the savior of the world in future times. One would probably say β€œOK. Fine. We know the story, so what does this have to do with your Blog??”

The world has seen an exponential increase in chronic diseases be it diabetes, obesity or heart diseases. A greater number of children are being diagnosed with Autism something that has inexplicably risen in the current generations. Allergies, which were not so common in the past, are causing children to be sick. So, do we have a terminator or terminators amongst us?.

What is possibly triggering these issues? We all need to analyze what has changed in present times that are making so many of us having to deal with mental and physical health issues? Could it be possible that we ourselves are turning into Terminators and self-destructive?

The movie progresses as a cat and mouse game with every move by the terminator being outplayed by the savior of the heroine. However, with any movie we can always look forward to the savior to give us a happy ending, but the present requires that we transform ourselves into saviors from the current role of the terminators.

We need a transformation that would set the tone for a HEALTHY & HAPPY 2023!! New Year begins with new resolutions, but the resolution we make this year is not one to be broken as it is not selfish to self-care. Positive overall transformation is what could lead to the change, whether it be looking at the food we eat to fostering good health or laying out positive affirmations that could develop us into a healthy individual both physically and mentally.

Recent studies show that there is a relation between gut health and brain health. Our traditional food systems or medicinal studies (Ayurveda) have always sought to balance or treat poor gut health to encounter diseases, and meditation techniques have been adopted world over as one of the best techniques to destress one mentally. But what’s new with this? Every year we are being advised the same and it gets difficult to keep ourselves motivated one month into the β€œnew” year. However, what if one was told that now there would be awareness courses that would enable you to understand the science behind these healing techniques? Wouldn’t you not willingly transform yourself from the self-destructing terminator to self-savior??

Come, let’s SELF-HEAL today!!

-Team Microbiome Superhero

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