About Us

About Microbiome Superhero

Microbes or germs that naturally live in and around us are called our microbiome. They hold the key to our physical health and mental wellbeing, and are therefore termed as the β€œMicrobiome Superhero”. At Microbiome Superhero we pride ourselves in providing educational resources and one-stop solutions to improve your Microbiome through our diverse range of products and services. Microbiome Superhero is a unique concept developed and nurtured by ARNA Genext Solutions Pvt Ltd

Our Vision

To empower individuals and society to achieve true wellness through the transformative power of the human microbiome.


Our Mission

  • Educate: Provide accessible and impactful courses on the human microbiome, raising awareness and fostering understanding of its crucial role in health.
  • Empower: Develop personalized solutions like the Shatayushi 360Β° Total Transformation Program, guiding individuals towards a holistic approach to gut health and well-being.
  • Innovate: Conduct cutting-edge research to identify natural, effective ways to restore gut health through evidence-based products and interventions.
  • Personalize: Champion the future of personalized medicine by utilizing microbiome insights to design tailored health protocols for optimal well-being.
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