February 21, 2023
A Mother’s Love
March 7, 2023

Pee-Cee Oh-Dee!

Does the title of the blog pique you? Well, then let me tell you about some incidents that are common to so many women but they refuse to talk about it..

Anita is a 20 year old, recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic. She is worried and doesn’t know what the future holds for her. She is insulin resistant a term commonly used with Type 2 diabetes.

Rekha used to be a happy person until a couple of years ago. Today at 30 years she is depressed woman constantly being snubbed by family members for not being able to conceive. She somehow doesn’t feel complete as a woman.

Naina is an introverted teenager, who is often teased by other students for her excessive facial hair growth and her deepening voice.

There are so many Anitas, Rekhas and Nainas around us but we fail to see the pain that they go through..

Families tend to ignore them or let them look for solutions that are superficial. They fail to realize that a Naina if not cared for, could translate into Anita or Rekha in a few years. What then? Are we going to close doors of all hope for them.

Talking to them and recognizing their issues as one of the most commonly prevalent women health issue is the need of the day. Though a taboo in many households, a simple conversation is all it takes. Show them that you LOVE them and care for them.

PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovary syndrome) and PCOD (Poly-cystic Ovary Disease) are 2 medical conditions that women of today from age 12 and above need to be made aware of. PCOD is a commonly prevalent disorder, which is attributed to poor lifestyle, obesity, stress and hormonal imbalances. PCOS can be seen as the more severe form of PCOD.

Understanding the underlying reasons that contribute to development of PCOD in a young adult is the first step towards it solution. At an age, when most transformations happen to the human body is it not the necessary that the root cause be eliminated?

When we are plagued by chronic diseases in our 30s and 40s not many are aware that the seeds for these issues are sowed in our younger days.

We rarely see a young adult having a complete, wholesome diet on their plate. Oscillating diets under peer pressure are a cause of major concern too. Going outdoors is slowly getting out of trend as more and more young adults would love to spend their free time on social media. Obesity is constantly on the rise due to lack of exercise.

If a CHANGE IN LIFESTYLE could eliminate PCOD then what is it that’s holding us back? Let’s make the change TODAY and NOW!

-Team Microbiome Superhero

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