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February 7, 2023
February 21, 2023

Eat Now, Pay Later

Mixing two negatives to make a positive (aka soft drink + instant noodles) sounds like a scary combination, but whatever sounds cool, right? Following weird food fads seems to be the new trend now. Even if it takes a toll on our long-term health, why bother to think about tomorrow? Just like the instant noodles, all we are looking for is instant gratification. Eat now, pay (with your health) later seems to be a palatable option..

While we are busy pleasing our palate (however temporary it might be), we might notice how our gut, or in many instances, our entire body reacts in displeasure later. How does this happen? How does this reaction in our body get overridden by the decision of instant gratification by the choice of these so-called foods? The real question is that is whatever we are feeding ourselves worthy of being called real food, let alone worthy of our guts? Do we have the guts to face this reality?

When our brain is constantly bombarded with commercials that tout their so-called healthy products, we just want to try out the flashy new things on the market. Whatever is being advertised has to be trustworthy… or we would like to believe so. With this trust factor on the cool new eating trends, peer pressure to try these fad diets, and the enticing commercials that are appear multiple times a day, it makes us change our habits without us even realizing it.

With everybody being on social media more than we spend time with loved ones, the content that appears, feeds on our browsing habits, negative habits leading to even more negative ones. How can we find the right kind of information in this case? How can we stop this downward spiral? Social media has great things and the right kind of information to offer too. If only we can figure out the difference and use it to improve our health…

Addiction to unhealthy foods seems to stem from an unhealthy gut. Ignoring the gut feeling of how it is going to feel one hour after eating those foods leads to poor choices. The mere thought of eating these foods or the smells or memories of these foods are enough for us to make these choices. What if we let our memory take us to one hour after making that choice? Would the outcome be different? What if we take it even further and think about what these poor choices have done to our health, weight and how we feel emotionally? Will our choices be different? Let us start taking this broad view of how our choices impact our lives and start forming these habits, which can take a few weeks to form with consistent efforts.

Afterall, when we eat in haste, we pay in leisure.

-Team Microbiome Superhero

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