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Are Your Children Fussy Eaters?

β€œAnita loves to eat rotis only with ketchup.”

β€œKabir doesn’t eat spinach or anything green because of the color.”

β€œRyan needs candy with every morsel of food he eats”.

β€œHow come everything I don’t like is good for me and everything I do isn’t?”

β€œI don’t eat carrots because Naina doesn’t eat them”.

The scene almost translates to that of a battlefield with swords drawn only here the bulges don’t blow but a tantrum-throwing hungry child howling with the mother running behind trying to feed the child.

How many of us as moms have experienced such situations or seen such episodes of picky eating around us? Being a mom can be a beautiful experience but making your child eat balanced nutrition can be a harrowing experience for both the mother and the child. Mealtimes are generally considered to be a great learning experience for the child. They probably attribute to the child’s introduction and awareness of the five senses. In this process, it is natural for the child to be a fussy eater initially that is they may not like the taste, shape, color or texture of particular foods occasionally. Is it then OK for the parent to let this become a habit or to wait till it goes away (as if it does)??

Child nutrition is an important factor in determining a child’s physical and cognitive development. Toddlers tend to show preferences for food and some dismiss it as a transitional phase lasting between two years to five years of age. However, this if continued, it can lead to nutritional deficiencies along with a lack of energy and missing growth milestones. Picky eating during the formative years is likely to disturb the balance and diversity of the gut microbiome of the child which could lead the way to chronic diseases.

Pediatricians often recommend children eat healthy and that parents include a variety of fruits and vegetables in their diet. But between recommendations from the doctors to implementing it a mom has innumerable challenges. So how can a mom achieve this? Will compelling a child to eat help? Is it good to bribe a child with some goodies if he eats his veggies? Or is it possible to change the child’s food preferences so that he enjoys a healthy diet?

At Microbiome Superhero we believe that nutrition awareness can be inculcated at a young age with a little fun and interaction. Join us in our nutrition awareness movement and activities to help make children enjoy their gastronomical experience.

-Team Microbiome Superhero

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