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December 20, 2023
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Greetings, fellow navigators of discomfort! Today, let's embark on a humorous expedition through the realms of aches, pains, and the not-so-glamorous aspects of aging. Buckle up; we're about to navigate the labyrinth of pain armed with the most potent weapons – food, exercise, stress relief, and gut health.....

Long Covid Brain fog

After suffering from long covid with severe brain fog, it was becoming increasingly difficult to focus on anything. Memory was a thing of the past. I had lost hope on getting any kind of mental clarity. Brain fog was incredibly difficult to handle, and it impacted all aspects of my life.

I came across the Shatayushi 360° Total Transformation trial batch. Because there's not much available for treatment of long covid symptoms, I decided to enroll in this batch. What I really liked about it from the beginning is that there was a personalized diet, exercise that suited me, gut-microbiome reset and mindset changes, and stress- relief techniques. All of these sounded too good. The best part was that the diet included many more things than I was consuming previously. Instead of being restrictive, I was able to eat many more types of foods. I really enjoyed that part. That is something that most people are scared of in any program. Along with the daily live sessions that I joined for exercise, mindfulness, and mediations every day, I was also given another set of simple short exercises specific for my health goals.

We had live microbiome and Nutrition sessions, deep healing mental health sessions every week with new topics and amazing insights.

This was the easiest, yet the most comprehensive program that I have come across. Early into the program, I noticed a significant difference in mental clarity and cognition. I am thrilled to share that the fog has lifted and has helped me lead a normal life once again. All thanks to and wonderful Shatayushi team. Each and every member of the team really cares about the progress of all participants, giving individual attention. All experts give their 100% throughout the program. I recommend this program to anyone looking for relief of long covid symptoms.

Nisha Shrivastava (45 yrs)

Doha, Qatar

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