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Our Courses on Nutrition and The Human Microbiome have been designed as both short introductory to full-fledged, self-paced learning modules, catering to varying levels of interest of the audience.


Our team of consultants range from Nutritionists to Ayurveda experts, who help in personalised dietary recommendations, medicine or lifestyle adjustments for health and wellbeing for all age groups.


We offer mentorship programs for bachelor’s, master’s and PhD students in Microbiology, Genetics, and other life sciences disciplines. We work with colleges offering these degrees to improve the students’ quality of publications and to gain fruitful research experience.

Outreach & Webinars

We conduct custom educational outreach programs, live webinars, online events, and activities for schools, colleges, institutions and corporates, to address specific health and lifestyle issues using easy-to-incorporate techniques.


Our nutritious products are designed to nourish the gut and soothe the mind, made-to-specifications using traditional recipes and fresh ingredients, with great love, care and FSSAI certification.

Mobile App

Our unique, fun, engaging and interactive app is specifically designed for children, parents and teachers to create awareness about nutrition and to effortlessly inculcate healthy eating habits and simple lifestyle changes.

About Microbiome Superhero

A microbiome is a collection of germs or microbes that reside in any given environment. Germs have been part of our lives and have co-evolved with our bodies. However, we are only now beginning to recognize the importance of what they do in our body and how they impact our physical health and mental wellbeing.

Our Courses


The Human Microbiome

NEP-based course offering 2-4 credits with certification by the Microbiologist's Society of India. This customizable course that covers important aspects of the microbiome is for all students of life sciences and medicine with a basic knowledge of microbiology.


Go with your Gut

The Go with your Gut course is designed for anyone with basic knowledge of Biology. This course is designed to create overall awareness about the concept of human gut microbiome, why it plays an important role in one’s health and how we can harness its power.


The Germ Story

Happy Germs! Sad Germs! Good Germs! Bad Germs! Designed for school-going students to create awareness on the concept of microbiome (germs) within their body, this course will help them understand how various factors can affect their mood, health and academic performance.

Our App

Why Microbiome Superhero App ?

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