Shatayushi 360 transformation

Use The Power of Natural Foods And Nutrients To Improve Your Health And Live Medicine Free Life

Benefits Of Shatayushi

9th Jan| 9 AM  10:30 PM

Who Can Benefit?

9th Jan| 9 AM  10:30 PM

MEET Our Expert

Dr. Rashmi Kulkarni

Microbiome Team

As a Molecular Biologist, Rashmi is passionate about improving nutrition, the awareness about prevention of chronic diseases naturally with the help of the microbiome, mindset change, nutrition, and exercise. She provides microbiome education along with her team in innovative formats.

Dr. Rupali Waghode

Nutrition Team

She is a Nutritionist and Ayurved consultant, and conducts health and wellness awareness lectures in schools, colleges and corporates. She provides Nutrition Counselling and Personalized Diet Plan for Children, Pregnancy and Lactation, Diabetes, Gastro-intestinal problem, Kidney Disease, Obesity, and Inborn errors of metabolism.

Medha Tonapi

Mindset Team

As a Psychotherapist and a Counselor and a positive psychology coach by profession, Medha has worked with Children, Parents, and Teachers to support their personal growth by analyzing and removing the roadblocks, helping unleash their potential.

Ishani Deshmukh

Exercise Team

Ishani is a certified Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga trainer. Learned about meditation & a Certified Pranayama trainer also. She is trained in different breathing practices for stress management. She is also a certified Mat Pilates trainer & and a power yoga trainer, conducting Yoga, Meditation, Power yoga & Pilates classes online. 


Detox and Revitalize

Detox and Rejuvenate the gut with foods designed to recharge the body and the mind

Heal your Mind

Healing the mind and stress-control set the tone for the rest of the transformation

Understand Nutrition

Every disease arises from the gut. Start solving all problems by understanding personalized nutrition

Our Friendly Germs

Befriend germs to improve all parameters of health and wellbeing

Fermented foods, Millets

Improve the diversity of your microbiome by introducing live germs

Bring in the Fiber

Fiber is the source of food for the wonderful invisible friends in our gut

Seasonal Foods, drinks

Local and Season foods are the best nourishment for our body

Frosty and Forgotten!

Do freshly cooked meals seem like a distant dream?

Feel-Good Fats

Healthy fats are much needed for a healthy body and a strong nervous system

Groove it to Move it

Find the exercise that is right for your body and one that you enjoy

Be one with Nature

Being outdoors is a great way of improving physical and mental health


Mindset change is crucial for permanent changes leading to total transformation

Our Testimonials

Long Covid Brain fog

After suffering from long covid with severe brain fog, it was becoming increasingly difficult to focus on anything. Memory was a thing of the past. I had lost hope on getting any kind of mental clarity. Brain fog was incredibly difficult to handle, and it impacted all aspects of my life. After suffering from long covid with severe brain fog, it was becoming increasingly difficult to focus on anything. Memory was a thing of the past.

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Nisha Shrivastava (45 yrs)
Doha, Qatar

Recovering from a Diabetic double whammy

Fifteen years with diabetes – that was my reality. As a restauranteur, the irony wasn’t lost on me. Yet, life decided to throw another curveball. Searing stomach pain, culminating in a family wedding collapse, landed me in the hospital. The diagnosis? A double whammy – severe liver abscess and a struggling gallbladder, both consequences of my uncontrolled diabetes.

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Nimish Jain (55 yrs)
Mumbai, India

Decades of Chronic Sinusitis

Hello all, anyone with severe sinusitis for years knows how laborious breathing is. I have suffered from the same for over three decades now. Even after DNS surgery, sinus drainage several years ago, they only provided temporary relief. I had to rely on medications all these years. I came across a talk that promoted food as medicine, and that made me wonder about whether something so simple would really help.

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Tushar Bhide
Frequent Traveler 
New York, USA

Blemished to Beautiful: Reclaiming Skin and Hair Health

After suffering from cystic acne and hairfall for decades, after trying all possible treatments for both, I had given up and thought that I would welcome my fifties with acne scars and thinning hair. I decided to try a gut microbiome-based Shatayushi 360° Total Transformation Program because of the wholesome nature without supplements and medications.

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Kinnari Joshi (49 yrs)
Navi Mumbai, India

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other wellness program, this a programme that combines the unique concept of microbiome along with diet, nutrition, and exercise.

Our body has different organs and the microbiome or the microorganisms collectively also known as invisible organ, play a huge role in our body by helping us digesting our food, developing our immunity and many more tasks which are not known to many of us. We aim to introduce the science behind the microbiome in our body and how we can harness their power to help us achieve our wellness goals.

This program is for everyone. The program benefits all those who have or do not have health issues.

Our program starts with a one-to-one conversation with our nutritionist Dr. Rupali Waghode who will discuss the health goals with each participant. The team identifies the problem area whether it is nutrition, mindset and exercise that is actually hindering the participants journey towards reaching the health goals.

People are often stressed even in an wellness program. Our program aims to make the transformation enjoyable and not stress the participant. Our mind set expert Ms. Medha Tonapi addresses our mindset obstacles through various methods to help our participants overcome stress issues.

No, we do not suggest any particular type of diet and we do not recommend supplements of any kind.
We emphasize foods easily available in our kitchen and consider food as medicine.

We have developed the program which includes handholding for the participant so that it is habit forming. We also look forward to building a wonderful community that provides support to its members and make one another mutually accountable and responsible. Shatayushi program will also provide a 24x7 support team.

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